The Silver Salon

The Silver Salon Sign

If you find yourself in need of pampering while in Wolf Creek, The Silver Salon is the place to go. While the sign seems to cater to the older crowd, the proprietress Shirley Dimple is perfectly happy to dye you blue, red, or any combination of colors you can imagine. She does the best nails in two counties and her prices are easy on your wallet.

Shirley Dimple (and PLEASE don’t call her Shirley Temple!) is well-known for trying out all sorts of interesting hair and nail colors. At fifty-five years old, she’s been around long enough to know what she likes, but not long enough to hang up her party clothes. As a result of her fun-loving attitude, she tends to know all the R-rated gossip in and around the town. If you choose to be a little, ah, relaxed, in your downtime, be careful not to let Shirley see you because one of two things could happen; word will get out, or she will join you!


Annie Kribs is a native of rural Mid-Michigan. When Annie's not working, building a house or helping with homework, she writes sweet contemporary romance that resonates with her readers. Her specialty is "Real life stories with heart". Annie's first novel, The Do-Over was published by Liquid Silver Books in 2012. Annie is currently working on a series set in New Hampshire. Resurrected Hearts was published by Blue Swan in 2016 and Hearts On The Run by Amazon in 2017.

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