“Whatcha been up to?”

“Whatcha been up to?”

I love this question in the context of a co-worker/wife/mom/friend. I can fill my response with likely much more than the querier asked for. As a writer, it’s a little scary. Inevitably, my response is going to be “Umm, well …”. And it won’t be because I haven’t been up to anything. In my mind I’ve been quite busy. Why, just yesterday I plotted an entire series I want to write for my middle school aged children about surviving these crazy years. An hour ago I visualized the perfect scene for book 2 of my contemporary romance Wolf Creek series. And last night I dreamed up the plot for a hypothetical book 4 for Wolf Creek. But, do I have anything to show for all of this? Nope. Not a word. Okay, maybe a title. Maybe even a wrinkled, dirty sticky note in my purse that I will one day magically transform into a 90,000 page masterpiece.

My answer today will be that life has been busy inspiring me. In just two short weeks (and counting!) my evenings will no longer be consumed by 5th and 3rd grade common core math homework, or dance practices, or Cub Scout activities. It will be light until 10pm and there will be no need for my angels to get up before dawn. These beautiful changes all conspire to bless me with 2 extra hours in my day where I can live in my imaginary town, with my imaginary friends that I love to position just so, like the adult version of playing with Barbie. In just two short weeks, my fantasy life begins!

I am very excited to learn that my publisher has branched out with a new imprint that will publish titles that don’t trend toward the erotic side of the genre. I am SO there and I hope you will be too.

So, for my readers (all three of you, just kidding) that have been asking for proof of this fun new series I’ve been working on, rest assured. It’s coming! And so is summer. Let us all give thanks and enjoy.