Fresh Cuts

Picture, if you will, a two-story brick-front shop with wide windows. The green and white striped awning spanning the length of the storefront boasts the name Fresh Cuts. Welcome to Wolf Creek’s only flower shop!

The shop is owned by Scott Leader and his partner? friend? Todd Thompson. Why the question marks, you ask? Well, I don’t know Todd’s status either and to be honest, I haven’t asked. My characters usually come to me fully developed and in the case of Scott, he came with Todd. I don’t know why yet.

Scott is a handsome, slim young man with a receding hairline that he wears well. His smile is what draws people in and it seems like I only ever see him smiling. I’m really glad for this because my main characters often need a good smile. Scott probably hugs a lot too, I would suppose.

Todd is quieter. I only glimpse him briefly every now and again. I suspect he’s shy, but maybe there’s more to that. Todd has dark hair and he’s also thin. Maybe I should delve into what these men eat!

The flower shop is filled with houseplants and small indoor trees. The front windows look like a glimpse into the jungles of Guatemala (I can attest to this!). There are plenty of “fresh cut” flowers as well, but you’ll find those in the refrigerators that line the west wall.

Besides selling plants, Scott is great for finding out the latest developments by the town council, or what’s happening on the nearby reservation. Somehow, coming from Scott, it doesn’t even sound like gossip.

Be sure to visit the next time you’re in Wolf Creek!


Annie Kribs is a native of rural Mid-Michigan. When Annie's not working, building a house or helping with homework, she writes sweet contemporary romance that resonates with her readers. Her specialty is "Real life stories with heart". Annie's first novel, The Do-Over was published by Liquid Silver Books in 2012. Annie is currently working on a series set in New Hampshire. Resurrected Hearts was published by Blue Swan in 2016 and Hearts On The Run by Amazon in 2017.

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