Wolf Creek Series

Wolf Creek, New Hampshire is a lovely small town set on the edge of the Maliut Nation.  Drive down Main Street in the morning for a quick stop at Beans and Bagels for a coffee to go, or in the evening for a big city quality dinner at the recently renovated Bailey’s Restaurant.  Be sure to stop in at the brand new Maliut Indian Museum housed in an old manor.  If you’re here after dark, the place to be is our local bar, Suds-N-Grub.  If you meet any of our quirky characters, be sure to wave and say, “hi”.

KDP Publishing, August 2019

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Recent culinary graduate Bailey Jameson is taken by surprise at the sudden death of the beloved great-aunt who raised her. When she travels to a tiny New Hampshire town to claim her inheritance, she begins to realize she holds the key to making all her dreams come true.

Burned out from his role on an elite Search and Rescue team, Luke Adams is laying low in the last place he thinks life could reach him, the quiet Northeast town of Wolf Creek.

While Bailey is busy building her dreams, Luke starts to realize a few dreams of his own, and for the first time sees a path to the future he’s always wanted. But, is his future big enough to hold both Bailey and his demanding job?


Blue Swan Publishing, an imprint of Ten West Publishing, 11/2016


When museum curator Savannah Decatur trades in her job at a prestigious New York museum to set up a museum in the tiny town of Wolf Creek, New Hampshire, she resolves to use the isolation and enticement of the mysterious old manor to put the past year behind her. And her plan starts out great – until she meets a major distraction in the form of Daniel Harrison.

On sabbatical from teaching Criminology, Professor Harrison is in a race against time to uncover the secrets of Alder Manor and finish his dissertation. When Daniel meets Savannah he instantly knows two things; Savannah’s work was stirring up Wolf Creek’s secrets, and he must have her for himself. While Savannah agrees to team up with Daniel to find the answers they’re both seeking, she is resolute in avoiding her attraction to him.

As danger brings them closer together and dead ends impede their progress, they are desperate to resolve the long-standing dispute between the local Maliut Indian tribe and the residents of Wolf Creek.  But, what they learn about this centuries old mystery is a game-changer.  Now they must convince both sides to work together before someone else gets hurt …


KDP Publishing, April 2017

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Rachel Henige loves small town life.  Wolf Creek, New Hampshire is the perfect place to raise her daughter, and the perfect place to live an inconspicuous life.  Or, at least it was until tattooed bad-boy Mike Renner showed up in her bar.

Rachel is shocked by how much Mike has changed from the cocky, pre-law hockey star she knew in college, yet something about his dangerous demeanor doesn’t ring true.  When undercurrents of danger push Rachel into Mike’s path she’s lured into his unpredictable world where she must work to conceal her secret from him.  But, Rachel soon learns that Mike has secrets of his own.  When Mike takes a leap of faith to bring Rachel into his confidence and into his arms, she is backed into a corner.  How can she reciprocate when sharing her own secret could risk the life she’d so carefully built?

KDP Publishing, November 2020


Reed Decatur thought taking over the reins from his father as CEO of Decatur Industries was the culmination of his career dreams.  Accepting the position also meant answering to the demands of the Board of Directors and their latest idea is a real doozy.  The Board hired a consultant to make him the new ‘face of the company’.  Private by nature, Reed might just have to rethink his career goals. After all, he couldn’t even work up the nerve to ask out the mystery woman who’d taken up residence in his mind since the first time he’d seen her.

Caroline Trumbull is thrilled with her newest assignment, until she meets him face-to-face. Decatur Industries’ new CEO may be sexy, but he’s the most stubborn man she’s ever met, and Caroline quickly learns that being Reed’s shadow is a lot harder than it looks. As her respect for him grows, so does the chemistry between them. Struggling and ashamed of her living situation, Caroline can’t accept the help he so often offers.

Desperate to spend time with Caroline outside of the spotlight, Reed plans a weekend trip to Wolf Creek, New Hampshire. When the lines between personal and professional are irrevocably blurred Caroline must decide between the man she loves and the job she’s always wanted.