Beans & Bagels

One of the first stops in any trip to Wolf Creek should be to Beans & Bagels Coffee Shop. Thirty year old owner, Stacie Porter, is a cheerful woman with a short blonde bob and a megawatt smile. As Stacie can attest, she does the majority of her business between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. with another small crowd around lunchtime. She’s proud to say that she’s responsible for caffeinating all of Wolf Creek and judging by the reviews, she does a good job of it.

Stacie was born and raised in Wolf Creek but went to college in Concord, giving her a taste of city life and introducing her to life with Starbucks. Her experiences in Concord gave her the idea of bringing the convenience of a corner coffee shop to her somewhat slower-paced hometown.

Stacie’s mother, Cindy is the City Clerk and is quick to remind anyone that stops in for business with the city to stop by Beans and Bagels for a coffee and pastry.

The exterior of Beans and Bagels is a typical seventies era brick storefront. The interior, though, is what really brings the charms of city life to Wolf Creek. The inside of the coffee shop is a collection of modern colors and traditional furnishings. The menu board high above the barista station is a clean black chalkboard, each item outlined in bright smooth chalk. I bet that if you ask Stacie, she’ll even be willing to whip up a special drink that isn’t on the menu.

If you’re visiting Wolf Creek for a few days, or even just passing through, be sure to stop at the corner of Lilac and Main for a coffee and donut to go.








Annie Kribs is a native of rural Mid-Michigan. When Annie's not working, building a house or helping with homework, she writes sweet contemporary romance that resonates with her readers. Her specialty is "Real life stories with heart". Annie's first novel, The Do-Over was published by Liquid Silver Books in 2012. Annie is currently working on a series set in New Hampshire. Resurrected Hearts was published by Blue Swan in 2016 and Hearts On The Run by Amazon in 2017.

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