Where Ideas Are Born

The question I am most often asked when people learn that I am a writer is “How do you come up with your ideas?”

The short answer:  I dream them.  Every story I’ve written has come to me in a dream.  I call these my “story dreams”.  I know that a story dream has “meat” when I can recall the dream days later and still remember the details and feelings that surrounded it.  

What sets a story dream apart from every other dream I have is the level of detail I see/hear/feel.  In story dreams there is a purpose, characters, and feelings.  I see entire scenes in my mind and wake up remembering how the characters felt and knowing their goals.  I love, love those dreams!  There have been times that I bolted out of bed to write something down in the middle of the night so that I would remember it in the morning (much to Mr. Kribs’ irritation).  

For several days after one of these story dreams I will sit and daydream, playing out the scenes and scenarios in my head until a plot develops.  I imagine I must look and act pretty spacey but I cannot snap myself out of it until I’ve watched and made notes on the key scenes.  Once I’ve put my ideas down I can set the story aside and pick it up again when I have the time or motivation to fluff out the dialogue and details.

I currently have three stories just waiting for me to give them life.


Welcome to my website!  Life is too frequently crazy in the Kribs household but I’m going to try to share tidbits and news about my stories here.

Right now I’m doing a deep edit on a story I’m calling Mushu’s Heart.  By deep edit, I mean that I’m reading, fact-checking, polishing and re-reading.  This is the part of the process I like least but it’s also the most important part.  Once this step is complete I’ll be looking for some beta readers to provide feedback so stay posted!

Mushu’s Heart is the first in a three book series set in fictitious Wolf Creek, New Hampshire.  Wolf Creek is already home to some interesting characters (pun intended) and though it’s not a tourist town, I hold out every hope that people will soon want to visit.