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Reed's Office

Blurb for A Heart for Business Reed Decatur thought that taking over the reins from his father as CEO of Decatur Industries would be the culmination of all his dreams.  Little did he know that accepting the position also meant answering the demands of the Board of Directors and their latest request is a real doozy.  He’s to become the hot new image of the company.  To Reed, the Board’s stipulation is ridiculous and counter to everything he believes a CEO should be.  Bound by honor and contract, he agrees to work with the publicist that has been hired for him.

Caroline Trumbull is thrilled with her newest assignment, until she meets him face-to-face.  Decatur Industries’ newest CEO is the youngest stuffed-shirt she’s ever met!  But, Caroline soon learns that being Reed’s shadow is a lot harder than it looks.  She’d love to give up on this frustrating man but she needs the job to save her mother from financial disaster.

When family obligations send Reed to Wolf Creek, Hampshire, Caroline goes along for the adventure and begins to see Reed in a new and enticing light.  But more than finding the real Reed, what she finds in the small town is … home.  Now she must choose between chasing her dreams, and the comfort and security she’s found with Reed.



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