As the name implies, this establishment offers beer and bar food. Tony, the cook, doesn’t particularly appreciate when his food is referred to as “grub”, but as he likes to say, a paycheck is a paycheck.

Suds-N-Grub offers simple dinners and is open to families until 8 p.m. Once the dinner crowd clears out, the bar becomes a lot less tame. The owner, “Big Bill” Charles, is renown for his similarity to Santa Claus, though his employees probably know better. Late at night, Big Bill or his protégé, Carl, can be found entertaining some of Wolf Creek’s darker side in the mysterious back room.

Unless you’re looking for a little adventure, stop in during usual business hours when the dining room is perfectly respectable and have lunch or dinner. As Tony will be quick to remind you, the food is excellent, and the service is the best in town!


Annie Kribs is a native of rural Mid-Michigan. When Annie's not working, building a house or helping with homework, she writes sweet contemporary romance that resonates with her readers. Her specialty is "Real life stories with heart". Annie's first novel, The Do-Over was published by Liquid Silver Books in 2012. Annie is currently working on a series set in New Hampshire. Resurrected Hearts was published by Blue Swan in 2016 and Hearts On The Run by Amazon in 2017.

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